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Be quantum ready and turbocharge calculations by cutting-edge computing 

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finQbit™ platform


We maintain a laser focus on the specific needs of the financial industry. Our platform expedites your longstanding calculations through state-of-the-art algorithms, driven by the formidable power of cutting-edge computing. We may accelerate your current calculations as well as let you use more sophisticated and precise methods.


Seamless computing


Dive into Quantum Era with ease ! 
With us, you don't have to be an quantum expert to use cutting-edge computing. We may turbocharge your existing models today.

Quantum ready


We shift the paradigm of risk calculations, delivering immediate value while future-proofing you for the quantum leap ahead.

Elevate your models to new heights!


With finQbit you gain:

More time


Our software lets you save your time navigating through Quantum specifics. It is created for teams and organizations who want to start with Quantum Computing but don't know how. We may migrate your existing modes and calculations to our platform, delivering tangible value today using cutting-edge computing, and build the right know-how in your organization on the way.

Quantum Computing brings revolutionary power, enabling 10X acceleration of your calculations


The power of Quantum Computers has already increased by more than 2000% during the last 3 years. It's more than Moore's law ever stated for classical computers


As classical computers increased the effectiveness of financial sector calculation, elevating the way of risk modeling to the new level, the same shift of paradigm happens using Quantum Computers.

Business focus


We know the financial world very well & we have ready to use quantum algorithms, to help you reach better results with exponential power of cutting-edge computing

It takes 2 years on average to become fluent with quantum implementation. Our platform covers the complexity of Quantum Computers and accelerates your start with your own models, helping you focus on your business needs from the beginning.




Navigating the intricacies of cutting-edge computing, particularly in the quantum realm, can be challenging. However, we've streamlined the process for you. You don't need to be a quantum expert to enhance your risk calculations today. Utilize existing computing power and effortlessly transition your models to be quantum-ready

finQbit™ verified & recognized globally

Quantum AI Foundation


Research & Development

We are a strategic partner of the Quantum AI Foundation


World top accelerator

We are supported by one of the best and most prestigious US tech accelerators


Quantum software

We are member of IBM Qskit Advocates, the group of the finest minds in quantum computing worldwide

EIT Digital

European Institute of Innovation and Technology

We were awarded by EIT Digital competing with hundreds of other European companies

Klaster Q

National Quantum Cluster

We are member of Klaster Q - Quantum Technology Cluster in Poland

We help you to became quantum ready


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Strona www stworzona w kreatorze WebWave.

We help you to became quantum ready


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Strona www stworzona w kreatorze WebWave.

We were the first team in the CEE region working with Quantum Computing for the financial sector. We worked with large banks as well us bigtechs and consulting in the risk management area delivering tangible results for the financial industry


On our way we invented novel algorithms with quadratic speedup of calculations, we create software which might accelerate your calculations using existing computing power and groundbreaking power of quantum computers

Everything we do is quantum ready and might accelerate calculations of your existing models as well as let you use more sophisticated ones.

You may forget about simplified models due to the complexity of better solutions, just start to use them now.

Be part of paradigm shift in risk calculations