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finQbit™ platform

We maintain a laser focus on the specific needs of the financial industry. Our platform expedites your longstanding calculations through state-of-the-art algorithms, driven by the formidable power of cutting-edge computing. We may accelerate your current calculations as well as let you use more sophisticated and precise methods.


Most of the organizations struggle where and how to use quantum computing. We have proven quadratic acceleration using our quantum algorithms, working with the banks hand by hand.


We cover the complexity of implementation of quantum circuits and allow you to focus on your business use-cases from the very beginning. You save your time avoiding deep dive into quantum low level language and the need to become fluent with quantum physics. Our goal is to let us use the exponential power of cutting-edge computing in a seamless way.


You may reach better results in credit management, capital optimization or derivatives pricing by using the exponential power of quantum computers. Others use those possibilities already.

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