04 maja 2023

Allegro, IBM and finQbit 

Get ready for a quantum leap at AllegroTech meetup.

finQbit together with IBM will introduce you to quantum world.


🌐 Quantum Computing at a Glance by IBM

IBM's CTO Piotr Beńke and Piotr Biskupski will provide a comprehensive overview of quantum computing, highlighting its distinctions from classical computing. Dive into IBM's ecosystem surrounding this cutting-edge technology, and discover how you can program a quantum computer and even send tasks to a physical machine today. Learn how industry giants collaborate with IBM on quantum algorithms, gaining a competitive edge. Explore real-world use cases and gain insights into the development and roadmap of IBM's quantum technology.


🚀 Practical view on Quantum Computing by finQbit CEO

Ever wondered about the practical side of quantum computing?

Tomasz Ćwik will unravel the mysteries behind starting a quantum adventure. While quantum computers may seem like a distant dream for many organizations, some are already taking the plunge. Discover the reasons behind their quantum pursuits and gain practical insights into initiating your quantum journey. Explore real-life examples showcasing the business utility of quantum computing. Learn about the unique aspects of the quantum computing journey, its accessibility, and potential pitfalls to avoid.


💼 Example of Quantum Computing in Finance Industry by finQbit CTO

In the finance industry, quantum computing is not just theoretical – it's a game-changer. Join the second part of the session to explore the Quantum Monte Carlo algorithm. Gain a foundational understanding of quantum computing and its revolutionary potential. Learn how the Monte Carlo method in finance intersects with quantum computing, accelerating complex calculations. Delve into a detailed explanation of the Quantum algorithm for pricing options on gate-based quantum computers. Finally, explore the transformative impact of quantum computers on demanding computational tasks in finance.


Get ready to rethink the future of finance with quantum technology! 


We help you to became quantum ready

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We help you to became quantum ready


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