26 lutego 2024

finQbit joins Klaster Q

We are happy to announce that finQbit joins the Klaster Q - Klaster Technologii Kwantowych (Quantum Technology Cluster). This move is set to significantly enhance our contribution to the quantum computing ecosystem in Poland, leveraging the collaborative power and resources of the community to push the boundaries of quantum technology further.

Joining KlasterQ, we gain access to a rich ecosystem of quantum technology companies, top research institutions and industry leaders.

What's the most important for us, we may also support Cluster mission to:

- Develop the national potential inherent in quantum technologies

- Integrate Polish enterprises with scientific research environments

- Create the future of the Polish quantum sector


Stay tuned as finQbit and KlasterQ embark on this exciting journey towards a quantum-powered future, contributing to the acceleration of quantum computing's potential and its applications across various industries.

We help you to became quantum ready

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We help you to became quantum ready


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Strona www stworzona w kreatorze WebWave.